At Aqua Hundred we channelize all our energy and resources to produce the highest quality drinking water in the market, sustainably. Due to continuous and long standing support from our customers over the last couple decades we have achieved the top spot in the water market in Nepal. For us being the best in not just the benchmark, it is the starting point.

Proudly Nepali!  

We at Aqua Hundred utilize the most efficient and advanced water processing system in the market.

Our automated production process does not allow the product to come into human contact thus eliminating human error and the possibility of contamination.

For our reusable P.C. Jars washing and sterilization we have a 9-stage automatic washing & sanitizing system which involves the use of hyper-ozonation.

To ensure sustainable quality and stand up to our ISO certifications we have a well equipped state of the are in house lab where product from every batch is tested to ensure consistency along with quality.

Proud of our production facility, we request all our current and potential customers to feel free to visit our plant at any point in Balaju Industrial District, Kathmandu.

We are members of Nepal Bottle Water Industries Association and Balaju Industrial Development Association.